Elon Musk trolls Twitter users by telling them to pay to use it

San Francisco, CA – In a stunning move that has left social media users both shocked and outraged, Elon Musk, the eccentric billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has announced that Twitter will become a paid service effective immediately. Musk made the announcement on his own Twitter account, where he has amassed a following of over 129 million users. In a tweet that has since gone viral, he wrote, “Starting today, Twitter is no longer free. You want to tweet? You pay. Simple as that.”

While Musk did not provide any specific details about the new paid service, he did suggest that users who did not want to pay for Twitter could simply “go outside and talk to people in real life.” The reaction to Musk’s announcement was swift and overwhelmingly negative. Social media users accused Musk of being greedy and of trying to take advantage of the platform’s popularity to line his own pockets.

One user wrote, “This is outrageous! How dare you make Twitter a paid service? You’re already one of the richest people on the planet! Do you really need even more money?” Another user tweeted, “Elon Musk just killed Twitter. Who is going to pay for this? I don’t want to pay for a platform that is full of trolls and bots.”

Despite the backlash, Musk remained undeterred. He responded to the criticism with a series of tweets that seemed to suggest he was enjoying the attention. “Wow, people are really upset about Twitter becoming a paid service. I guess they’re used to getting everything for free. Well, sorry folks, but the world doesn’t work like that,” he wrote.

He went on to suggest that Twitter’s new paid service would offer a range of premium features, including the ability to edit tweets, access to exclusive content, and even a virtual reality experience that would allow users to “step inside” their own tweets. However, Musk’s promises of premium features did little to quell the anger of Twitter users. Many accused him of trying to turn the platform into an elitist club that would only be accessible to the wealthy.

Some even began calling for a boycott of Musk’s other companies, including Tesla and SpaceX, in protest of his decision to make Twitter a paid service. As the controversy continued to escalate, Musk took to Twitter once again to announce that he had changed his mind.

“Okay, okay, I hear you loud and clear. Twitter will remain a free service, at least for now. I guess I got a little carried away with the idea of making more money,” he wrote.

While some users were relieved by Musk’s decision to reverse course, others remained skeptical. They wondered whether he had simply been trying to drum up publicity for Twitter, or whether he had really been serious about turning the platform into a paid service.

Regardless of his motives, one thing was clear: Elon Musk had once again managed to make headlines and stir up controversy with a single tweet. And for better or for worse, that seems to be exactly what he wanted.

NOTE: For the slow people here, this is FAKE NEWS, or is it?

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